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"The most powerful agent of growth and transformation is a change of heart."
John Welwood

Leadership support and coaching is an integral part of how we work. We use a strengths based approach and appreciative inquiry as the foundations of our coaching interventions. We focus on helping you to develop powerful, constructive ways to build your authentic leadership presence and effectiveness.

Our leadership coaching programmes:

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Executive Coaching

Leadership is lonely. Finding a place to reflect and develop your thinking on matters challenging you, your team and your business is invaluable. In today’s continuously changing context, leaders need a confidential, safe space to develop solutions and approaches with a thinking partner who will encourage you to be the best leader you can be.

Karan has held executive roles and has lived the challenges of leadership. Combining this experience with her coaching talent means she is in demand as a trusted coach to executive leaders and teams.

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Developing Emerging Women Leaders

Pink Horizon’s coaching programme for women leaders acknowledges the unique challenges women face in the workplace whilst encouraging them to identify and engage with their own unique and authentic leadership style. We help them align this to existing client organisational values, competencies and leadership models and explore how best to integrate new ways of working with the organisational culture to support impact and achievement.

More than 75% of programme graduates have been promoted or made a desired career change within six months of completion.

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Change Leadership Coaching

Change is a constant in today’s workplace – it’s also challenging to grapple with. When you are tasked with leading change the challenge increases. What does being a change sponsor mean? Can I do it well? How can I lead effectively if I’m struggling with the impact of change myself? How do I support my team and ensure they continue to deliver when the future is uncertain? And how do I do all this on top of my day job?

Karan and her team have thousands of hours of experience in helping leaders to find answers to these questions and become confident, capable leaders of change – an essential skill in today’s volatile world.

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Transition Coaching

New job? New company? New role? Pink Horizon’s Transition Coaching Programme helps you make the most of these important milestones. Designed to create confident, focused and collaborative approaches to your new world, it’s proven to accelerate performance, increase retention and promote cultural alignment. Combining one to one coaching with tried and tested developmental tools, this flexible programme is designed to align with your organisational values and leadership models.

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