Self Coaching Tip #2

Here’s something I know: we all have conversations, meetings or sometime whole days where we don’t manage to achieve the understanding, connections or outcomes that we planned. When this happens to me it’s quite a blow, because aligning and engaging others with change is my business.

A good friend once told me that going into something without a clear intention will dilute the likelihood of success – she’s right, so now I make the time to be more mindful in my preparation. I take a few minutes in a quiet space, (sometimes this has necessarily been the washroom), to ask myself the following questions:

  1. What is my intention here?
  2. What am I actually trying to accomplish?
  3. How truthful am I being to myself?
  4. How will others respond to what I am saying?
  5. How could others misinterpret what I am saying?
  6. Am I speaking in order to seek knowledge or to share knowledge?
  7. Am I using language that will confront or challenge others?
  8. How do others feel about what I am saying?
  9. Do we have a shared meaning about the words I am using?

When I have clarity on these, I can confidently predict a great outcome to whatever interaction I am entering into. Try it! And mail me at  to let me know how it worked for you.